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  • Read all my memories from days & years gone by.
  • Discover Merseyside’s secrets, past & present!
  • Uncover childhood dreams I had and discover if they came true?
  • What did I get for Christmas & Birthdays all those years ago?
  • Hear of family members no longer with me.
  • Maybe even meet a teddy bear or two along the way!
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Why Blogg?

Blogging seems to be old fashioned these days just when I started liking it. Ten years ago everyone and their dog had a blog and I didn’t really know much about it. Now I have desided to start blogging so that I can leave behind a record of what I get up to. I know a few friends will read it but I don’t really care if no one else does — it is mainly for me!

My Friends

I have known Davidd since I was thirteen and I lied and told him I was sixteen. He had a blogg called Meffs which I found and started harassing him but instead of giving me a hard time he started joking back with me. He is the one who taught me everything I know about blogging.

Jam Jar

Jammy Toast…

Before writing here on my own blogg, I used to write stuff for Davidd over on Jammy Toast. Jammy Toast is Davidd’s blogg where he saves unwanted and unloved Teddy Bears that nobody wanted anymore. The sad thing about bears is that their childred grow up sooner or later and then they don’t want their teddies anymore and they are cast off like unwanted rubbish. Davidd then saves them!

Our Music Guru; Flat Eric!

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Everything on this site is published by me, or occasionally by a guest writer. From time to time I use other sites as reference sources from which I gather facts and figures to accompany articles published here. I merely pass on information garnered from these and other sources and add our own little twist to them. Although I do everything within my power to ensure these facts are correct, I will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies made by other sites which I pass on in good faith.

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